6 tips that will help you grow taller

how to get taller

An increase in weight for most of us is a plus for our striving in looking better and also adds up some confidence in us. Most of us prefer being a little taller than they actually are. Being tall specially in the male gender is usually a ”jackpot ” of some kind and people will get desperate in attaining some height or trying to be the same height as some celebrity they love or an icon. Taller people often tend to feel more superior to others.

What people should understand most importantly in striving to be tall and everything is, tallness of a person will be highly determined by genetics of your family. Ones’ height is usually influenced by several genes. Height is usually a polygenic Trait. The fact that you have short parents does not mean that you will automatically be short and vice versa. However if most of the people coming from the lineage of your family are short, it is most likely that you may be short as well. For you to know how tall you will maximally be, this only will be revealed in your mid-twenties. That when the optimum growth in of a person is reached. Below are some of the factors How to grow taller in the natural way as expected;

Avoid growth-stunting factors

As we have noted previously that growth in height is highly dependent on genes therefore one can’t do really much to change it, increase in height can be affected badly or prevented by some factors. Drugs is a major factor that can affect your growth in height when taken in your early life. Smoking or being exposed to smoking by your parents at an early stage of life has been proven over a number of university’s research to children being shorter than those who are not exposed to smoking

Get plenty of sleep

Allow your body to rest. Research shows that young people especially teen’s need between 8 and 11 hours of sleep every night. By sleeping, you are doing your body a huge favor since during sleep or rest is when the body regenerates tissues and grows. Make sure you sleep in a silent ambience and as much calm and comfortable as possible.

Eat well

A well balanced diet does the trick and not only on increasing the height, but also in making one healthy in general. By getting the right vitamins and minerals the body needs you are surely able to grow to the right full height.

Exercise your body

Exercising your body allows you to attain your full growth and boots your immune system. Doing stretches has proven to work for many so why shouldn’t you try it today. There are a whole lots of “growing taller” exercises on the internet that you should check up to help you attain your maximum height. Doing swimming, biking, running, work outs and other sports will help you grow to full height.

Cultivate a good posture

The rolling of ones shoulders or even hunching over will be cause a big effect on the curvature of your growing spine negatively. Health Practioners therefore advise one to keep their shoulders back, chin high and their hips over the feet. You are advised also to walk with purpose not slouching or slinking, and try sitting up straight when using chairs.

Consult a medical professional 

In the case of having any doubts or questions about your height, one can visit a medical officer to help. In the case of coming from a tall family and your growth is not showing up as it should and you are not growing by your mid-teens or during puberty, it may be a good idea to visit a medical officer to help.