Sexual treatment – don’t be shy about it

Many people are ashamed to talk about issues related to sex. Often, the conspiracy of silence makes them continue to suffer from a problem that is bothering. Shame it’s not a good reason to suffer.

You do not have to suffer physiological problem associated with sexual functioning, such as the lack of erection, to resort to a sex therapist. On the contrary. Normal sexual function is not limited to our physical ability to have sex and therefore face the sexology expert often can be due to psychological reasons.

It’s not the quantity, it’s quality

Sexist division of the sexes holds that men always want sex and women never. So let us fix the partition. There are men and women who want to get more sex than other men and women.

As long as there is an agreement between the spouses regarding the frequency of sex, everything is great. But when it leads to disputes between the two is best not to ignore the problem.

Thanks to appropriate care by certified sex therapist will learn how to achieve understanding and coordination regarding the amount and frequency of intercourse. You will learn how to encourage increasing sexual desire, often through medication and sometimes through talks. Treatment depends on the course through the various reasons leading to decreased libido.

By receiving professional care you will understand the reason leading to the mismatch between sexual partners, and of course, solve it and restore order.

Where are you in a hurry?

What about foreplay? Is he really meant only for women? You may be surprised to hear that men need.

Some of the male sex, even enjoying invest in the existence of foreplay. Even when those who delight the woman and when she is pleasing them.

In relationships, including communication between partners is good, can be difficult and embarrassing to talk about issues related to sexual relations. Mediation of sexual therapist helps the couple feel that their words are worthy and have a place. In addition, the therapist helps the couple to hear what was being said in the proper light, as many times comments and suggestions related to the bed room tend to be a criticism or blame.

Between reality and imagination

Even people who do not seek treatment in sexual relationships. In most cases the problem is the garden they come for treatment, as in the case of those suffering from problems such as performance anxiety, is the one that prevents them from experiencing intimacy.

Sometimes, anxiety arising from damage that accompanies us from the past, low self-esteem and other reasons that disturb the existence of an intimate relationship. Login link only increases the anxiety that leads to more failure and so on. With treatment the patient learns to lower the anxiety level, which is particularly well soon its ability to function.

Treatment, and it goes

As you can see, none of the problems described up does not belong to the category of problems Impotence, and certainly they are not tied exclusively to the male sex.

Sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage in life and in each of the sexes. The positive point is that all problems could be solved if only educated to seek treatment. Not once, not just sexual therapy solves the problem and allows for the proper functioning of the sex life, but it also contributes to their improvement.