The benefits of pilates for men

Let’s admit it: body consciousness among men is not particularly strong! Not that men do not engage in sports and develop muscle, but engagement is a one-dimensional sport. For example, weights, boxing, spinning, …

Here lies the problem, men tend to work mainly on the external muscles of the body and neglect the rest of Mali to understand the implications.
While this key evidence cardio and strengthening specific muscle group but neglect the body posture and flexibility that is so important to your health and to the spine in particular.
Poor posture and poor postural muscles eventually leads to all the men “robust” health problems, pains and endless referrals to physiotherapy. Example: intensive work on the arm and shoulder muscles and back muscles will neglect of muscles , characterized by rounded shoulders inward, toward your chest.

Pilates method, however, while training employees on all muscles of the body as a whole.
With emphasis on the muscular and articular flexibility. On the one hand muscle strengthening and increasing the range of movement on the other.
This method of functional training, which with slight variations in the training program adjustment was made between men and women in training.
The method teaches how to use the muscles of the body correctly perform daily activities more efficiently in order to prevent injuries and unnecessary pain.

Now, where the man enters the picture?
The general public misconception was this Pilates method only for women  – a mistake!
Go from the beginning to the end:

Inventor and developer of the system is a man-a man named Joseph Pilates.
Professional athlete has experienced various training methods, such as weightlifting, boxing, martial arts and more.
The primary objective was to develop a training method that focuses on physical and mental work together. Which will contribute to recover from injuries to soldiers of the First World War.
Just then, the system has gained momentum and has become common among dancers who wanted to get stronger and avoid injuries during training / job.
Today, due to growing awareness about health and fitness matter. Security and professional athletes in various sports have adopted the Pilates Method substantial part of their training program, once they understood the great importance of physical health on your growth.